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Team Reviews

I believe that only a good leadership and team work is success of any organization , Aim Plus is one amongst that. Working with such a positive & friendly working culture makes us to be more productive & passionate on work.

Diana S
Human Resource Lead

AimPlus is a good place to start your recruitment career, company values are deeply embedded and it shows, good work-life balance, Recognition for hard work, No micro-management.Will get lots of opportunity to work with multiple clients and ample of technologies.

Nandhini M
Senior Recruitment Lead

It’s been almost 3 years now that I have been part of this wonderful organization The company is very productive and Each Person motivate new employees to work harder and be proficient in different areas of Requirements that the company handles

Rahul Thomas
Senior Recruitment Lead

I’m grateful for the conducive environment the company has provided for me, it makes me enjoy my work and also give my best. It is a great privilege to work here.

Bharathi Bandi
Associate Recruitment Manager

I feel more at home, more comfortable, more in control and more supported than I ever have before. This employer genuinely cares for your growth , both professionally and personally, I have been here about a close to a year now, and I have not heard any grumbling about management or the company or even co-workers..

Sharan Kumari
Manager –IT Staffing

When I have joined AIMPLUS 4.5 Years back , I haven’t predict that I will be dealing with few of the Giant Clients and will be Trained and Grown so soon to a Manager. Aimplus gave me that space to upgrade and recognized me. So It can be an example for how fast Grown and productive Premise Aimplus is… Proud to be an ‘AIMPLUSIAN’.

Swarnali Ghosh
Associate Recruitment Manager

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it and Aimplus is the place where you can learn and grow.

Rupa Gupta Jaiswal
Associate Recruitment Manager

Nice place to work. Friendly work environment and a lot of opportunities given to do experiment on your own way of doing recruitment. Those who are passionate about their Recruitment career Aimplus gives you best experience.

Kishore Babu
Associate Recruitment Manager

7+ Years working with Aimplus, which is very important in my whole career. AIMPLUS thought me how to “AIM HIGH” which is true in my career and being I’m the best example in AIMPLUS. Started my joinery as recruiter and Now I’m Standing as Manager with leading team of 10 People. “AIM HIGH” is not just a word, is it like how to be Own Boss and being responsible and it has teached me to love my JOB.

Grace Vellanganni
Associate Recruitment Manager

Nearly a quarter of my age, and more than half of my career, but somehow it has passing so quickly just like that. It’s been a very long journey. I’ve celebrated and enjoyed every minute of it. Aim Plus has made me quite historical and it’s impossible not to consider and look back.

Mamatha R
Senior Manager - Accounts - HR - 9 years

Who says work can’t be fun? Organizations that create opportunities for fun on a regular basis are more likely to engage and retain their employees. Curious organizations are always willing to explore new processes, ways of thinking, and approaches to solving problems. In Aim Plus, we have some freedom to work in the ways they’re most comfortable and productive….I have experienced in Aim Plus for almost a decade…. 😊

Krishna Chaitanya A
General Manager – IT Staffing